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I freelanced as a web developer for three years before joining a large web application development company. This experience helped me develop team management and interdepartmental collaboration skills, sharpen my problem-solving skills, and tap into my creativity to devise innovative solutions. I met Ilya there, and we started working together to create great products like this one.

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Project Management

Notion's Project Management Template provides a range of tools to help manage projects and...

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Personal Wiki

The Personal Wiki Notion Template is an easy-to-use library for storing and organizing all...

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The Miracle Morning

The Miracle Morning template is a powerful tool to help create a successful morning routin...

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Simple Task Manager

Task Manager is an easy-to-use tool for organizing and tracking tasks. It features a navig...

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Pills Tracker

Pills Tracker is a Notion template to help you track your medication intake and create rem...

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Budget Tracker Notion Template

Set budgets, keep track of your expenses, and stay on top of your financial goals with Not...

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Water Tracker

Keep track of your daily water intake for optimal health benefits with this easy-to-use te...

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Daily journal Notion template

Keep track of your daily activities like emotions, meal, wake-up time & more with this Not...

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Weekly Meal Planner

This meal planner template helps you plan your meals, create grocery lists, and view nutri...