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Keeping a diary is an essential daily activity, and this is not just our opinion, but the opinion of millions of successful people around the world. Some people prefer the paper version, as there is something special about it, however, it cannot be processed efficiently. If you need to review your productive or unproductive days, or if you need to find something, it is much easier to do so electronically than on paper.

How it works?

To use this template to keep a diary, create a new entry in the sidebar every day.

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The diary entry includes the following fields: Productivity, Emotions, Meal, Pastime, and WokeUp. All fields are required for analysis. There is also a template with basic questions to ask yourself daily. You can modify it or add new questions based on your lifestyle.

What’s inside the template?

To keep a diary, only one database and one table view is sufficient. However, we approached the creation of this template with care. We tested each view thoroughly (in fact, we tested many more, but only kept the best ones) and they are ready to use.


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When viewing the calendar, you can evaluate how well you keep a diary. The key to success is stability, regularity, and openness when creating diary entries. If you see unfilled days, try to remember what happened that day and write it down.

Productive days

Record positive memories to recall your best days whenever you need. Don't forget to write them down; all entries are sorted by date, with the latest always on top.

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Unproductive days

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Everyone has bad, unproductive, and lazy days, and it's important to remember them all. Doing so can help you analyze your past, understand your problems, and find ways to solve them.

Productivity based on wake up time

The idea behind this view is to find patterns between your productivity and wake-up time. There is the concept of a "lark" and an "owl," but not everyone can understand what exactly they attribute themselves to. This view is great for that.

To use this view effectively, you need to keep a diary for at least 30 days, preferably more. During this time, you can develop the habit of daily journaling.

Vertically, there are tags with productivity, and horizontally, with wake-up time.

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If you have determined through journaling or know that you are most productive when you wake up late, you can adjust the sorting to prioritize later awakenings.

This view can also be used after you determine the optimal wake-up time, as many factors can affect your routine (e.g., having a child, getting a promotion, depression, etc.).

This is one of the initial versions of our diary template, but we are continually making improvements to provide the best possible experience. Follow our guide to easily upgrade to the latest version and reap the benefits of the latest features.

Properties manual

Days Log

Woke upSelectThe time you woke up
PasstimeMulti-selectHow did you spend your time
MealSelectWhat did you eat
EmotionsMulti-selectWhat emotions did you experience
ProductivitySelectHow productive were you
DateDateThe day you create the entry
NameTextSummary of your day

"Daily Journal Notion Template: Track Productivity, Emotions & More"

Keep track of your daily activities like emotions, meal, wake-up time & more with this Notion diary template. Analyze your productive & unproductive days for better understanding & growth.