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Life Progress Widget

a year ago

We all think there is a plenty time left. The life progress bar is meant to remind you that your time is finite, so you need to keep going. With our embeddable Notion widget, you can see your life progress from any page of your Notion workspace. Let’s learn how to customize and install it.

Life Progress Widget Settings

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Name - a friendly name appeared in your Notionism account

Background - a background color of a widget

Padding - spacing between widget’s borders and elements

Rounded - border radius of a widget

Border Color - a color of a widget’s border

Border Size - border width of a widget


Select your birth date and the length of your life you want to live. Depending on those numbers, life progress will be calculated.


Enable/disable progress elements to display

Progress Bar

Height - a height of a progress bar

Width - width in percents of a progress bar

Rounded - border radius of a progress bar

Border Size - border width

Border Color

Filled Color - color for completed progress

Background Color - color for left progress


Size - a font size for label text

Color - color of a text

Position - position of a text relative to a bar. Left, Center, Right or None,

Format - label format: Percent, Minimal (w/o percentage) or None (disable label)

How to Install Life Progress Bar Widget

  • Log in to your Notionism account
  • Add a widget to your account
  • Adjust widget settings
  • Copy embed link
  • Paste it to the Notion page as embed