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Shopping List

a year ago, v1

Shopping list is a simple but essential tool for everyday life. How often have you forgotten to buy something? Personally, I regularly missed out on things while doing my groceries… Until I discovered the shopping list template! Let’s see how it works.

How to Use Shopping List Template

  1. Unchecked items - need to be bought
  2. Checked - bought

When you add an item from the list to the shopping cart, check the box.

At the main screen, you can see all the things you need to buy. I like to group them by place, kind of like GTD. This categorization comes in handy even in supermarkets: when I'm in the household section, I can quickly see what I need to buy.

Also note that one item can be in several categories simultaneously. Note the 🪒 Razor and 🧻 Paper towels.

It's simple, yet functional. Next time you need to buy the same item, you don't have to create a new record - just uncheck the box and it will show on a To buy view again. Also, use the Bought recently view to quickly restore items you accidentally checked.

Adding new products

To add a new product or edit the database, use an All view. It's a table without grouping meant for maintaining your shopping database. Simply create a new page, select an icon, and a place to find it.

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That's it! It's a super simple template that I can't imagine my space without. Try it out, I bet you'll like it too. Best of luck! ✌️

Properties manual

🛒 Shopping List

Last edited timeDateLast edited time used to sort the Bought recently view
PlaceMulti-selectA place(s) where you can find the product.
DoneCheckboxCheck when bought; uncheck to add to the shopping list.
ItemTextA name for the item you need to buy