Simple Yet Effective Restaurant tracker

a year ago, v2.19

If you're looking to easily track the restaurants and bars you visit, a restaurant/bar tracker is the perfect tool for you. With a restaurant/bar tracker, you can easily keep track of your favorite places, the menus and prices, and your experiences. This way, you can make sure you never miss out on a great restaurant or bar, and you can easily find the perfect place for any occasion. Plus, it's great to look back on all the places you've been and the delicious meals you enjoyed. A restaurant/bar tracker is a simple yet effective way to make sure you get the most out of every experience.

How does it work?

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The fundamentals of this template is a single table with multiple views for different purposes. The 🍽️ Restaurants database consists of several properties:

  • Name
  • Vibe
  • Menu
  • Food, Place, Price rating
  • Overall score
  • Delivery checkbox
  • Link to site

Inside each restaurant/cafe/bar you have a place to save more details, like photos, location, working hours, things they are famous for or other notes.

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Views of the table and their purpose

It can be difficult to remember right place to go for certain occasion. Whether you want to try something new or appoint a date in your favourite restaurant, we got you covered.


This view is made for database management and for adding new places. Use it as an inbox for places you’ve heard from your friends and add/edit properties here. It displays a list of all places without any sorting or filtering, so in case you’ve lost some restaurant you can always find it here.


When you are in a specific mood, use this view. Here are all your places for which you’ve added their vide are grouped by this property. Whether you are feeling like being by yourself in a cozy place or having a party with friends you’ll find a perfect place for it here

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Top rated

This gallery showcases your top-rated places for a quick and memorable dining experiences. It's great for when you want to have a good time and meal and not worry about anything going wrong.

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Try out

In opposite to previous view, this one is helpful when you are in discoverer mood. Here you can see all places you haven’t rated yet hence not visited.

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When you want to have your meal at home, use this view. It displays all places with checked “Delivery” checkbox with properties “Vibe” and “Place” are hidden since they are irrelevant for eating at home.

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The last one is for evenings when you want to have a couple of drinks. Keeping in mind your company and whether you are hungry or not, consider Vibe and Menu properties.

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So here it is, a simple yet powerful tool to help you with the restaurant dilemma. In order to it work on full potential don’t forget to add every new place you learn about and also regularly update the old ones. Best of luck!

Properties manual

🍽️ Restaurants

URLURLA link to a website, menu, social page, etc.
DeliveryCheckboxA checkbox representing whether you can order a delivery or not
ScoreFormularound((toNumber(prop("Food")) + toNumber(prop("Prices")) + toNumber(prop("Place"))) / (if(empty(prop("Food")), 0, 1) + 2) * 100) / 100
A formula that calculates an average of ratings and rounds it up to 0.00. If there is no Food (e.g. bar), it’ll calculate average based on 2 ratings instead of calculating that empty property as 0.
Food, Prices, PlaceSelectA rating from 1 (worst) to 5 (best) of main 3 characteristics
MenuMulti-selectDishes, cuisine or other menu features
VibeMulti-selectAn atmosphere or a mood of a place
NameTextA name of a place