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Password Manager Notion Template

a year ago, v2.19

While all browsers have built-in password savers, it can be helpful to have a dedicated place to store your most important credentials. This not only gives you more control over your passwords, but also provides a place to store other login information, such as API tokens, recovery codes, and crypto wallet addresses. Let's take a look at our Notion password manager.

Main view

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From this view you can see all your passwords, go to the website, copy or change passwords.

To quickly copy credentials, triple-click on them from the list view or open page and use Copy button

View passwords in a convenient way

By tag

If you have a large number of credentials and services, you may need to organize them more effectively. Simply tag them to view them grouped by category.

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By login

This view can come handy when you need to update outdated credentials in a bulk. For example, you’re changing your primary email - with this view you keep track of everything.

Update password

Passwords must be regularly updated, and the Update password view will allow you to quickly identify any passwords that have not been updated in a timely manner.

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Here you’ll see records that hasn’t been edited for the past 30 days. You can adjust this number to fit your needs.

Note that the 30-day period is calculated from the "Last edited time" field, which changes every time the page is edited, not just when the password field is changed. If you prefer, you can change the field to a "Date" property and manually select the date of the password change.

Password generator

This embed widget by Passwords-generator.org makes a perfect match with Notion password manager! Use it when you need to create a new password - it will create 100% random and secure characters combination to keep you safe.

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Wrapping up

In conclusion, the Notion Password Manager Template is a convenient and secure way to organize your important credentials. With features such as tags, bulk updates, and a password generator, you can easily keep track of your passwords and ensure their security. So why not give it a try and simplify your password organization? We hope you find it useful!

Best of luck, stay safe ✌️

Properties manual


URLURLA link to the website that uses these credentials
Time to updateFormulaif(dateBetween(now(), prop("Last edited time"), "days") > 30, 1, 0)
Checking if it’s time to update the password
Last edited timeDateTime when the page was last updated
Created timeDateTime of creation page
PasswordTextAccount Password
LoginTextAccount login or email
TagsMulti-selectTags to group
NameTextService name