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How to create a narrow column for any property in Notion

a year ago

Some properties take up too much space. For instance, the number property - oftentimes it shouldn't be that wide.

In my case, I want Portions this week property of a Shopping list template to be the same width as the next checkbox field.

Image alt

To do it, simply change the property type to Checkbox and than back to original state:

Don’t worry, you won’t lose any data. Notion stores the values an other setting (rollup in my case)

A few more tweaks and a table looks much better! Here, take a look:

Image alt
Image alt
Don’t resize property after you’ve minimized it - it will have the default minimal width, so you need to change the property type again.

Therefore, those setting will remain when creating a linked view of this tab.

So here it is, a quick guide on how to create a narrow column in a Notion database - a small but important step towards an aesthetic workspace!

Best of luck! ✌️